Queens Popular Assembly – Follow-Up and Next Steps



This is a follow-up email from the Queens Popular Assembly that took place on October 16th. You’re been added to our announcement list because you either signed our contact sheet or have a personal connection that added you. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

We are excited to announce that folks are getting together again to put some of the ideas discussed at the last assembly into action, as well as to start planning for a winter assembly.

A few of the ideas that were proposed and voted on include:

1. Starting a neighborhood news publication;
2. Creating an official Queens Popular Assembly Coordinating Committee;
3. Working on a voucher program for folks experiencing homelessness;
4. Creating outreach material in more languages than Spanish and English;
6. Cleaning up Woodside Plaza;
6. Fighting for affordable housing that is tied to income;
7. Reaching out to existing block associations;
8. Have our next assembly in a more quite and accessible location;
9. And several other items related to outreach and language usage.

We currently do not have much dedicated infrastructure setup for public discussion but you can get in touch in the following ways:

1. Email queensassembly@riseup.net
2. Join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/400834433733079/
3. Download the Signal app and request to join the assembly text loop.

Moving forward the Assembly Coordinating Committee will be looking at other ways of helping us coordinate with each other. If you have ideas or suggestions please let folks know!

We will be writing later this month with a date and location for our next assembly.

In solidarity!

– Queens Popular Assembly Announcement List

Popular Assembly / Asamblea Popular – Planned in Queens for 10/16

Queens Popular Assembly / Asamblea Popular

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1495870273891413/

[Español abajo]

Defend Your Neighborhood! The Queens Popular Assembly is a place for neighbors, friends and family members to come together and figure out how to address the issues facing our communities through a participatory and democratic process. Politicians and non-profits have failed to address unemployment, police harassment, and out of control rent. The community boards try sometimes, but, the truth is, they don’t have real decision making power and many of them are often vetted by local council members.

The Queens Popular Assembly, on the other hand, is independent of all that. It is a participatory structure built by the community with the power to affect change in our neighborhood. No big non-profits or politicians – only community members fighting for each other and a better city.

The Queens Popular Assembly aims to be an ongoing project, happening once every season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). It will be a place where individual community members and groups come together, form alliances, develop projects, and strengthen ties. The Queens Popular Assembly does not seek to control or direct the activity of those participating. Instead it offers a space for new connections, to hear feedback on projects, and advance our collective goals.

By establishing an ongoing assembly we aim to give ourselves and our neighbors a consistent opportunity to collectively develop project for our neighborhood, show transparency, learn what’s needed to get done, and ultimately build power that is independent of politicians.

We are anti-capitalist, oppose police & ICE, and reject working with politicians within the Assembly. Please reach out if you’d like to get involved.

¡Defiende tu barrio! La Asamblea Popular de Queens es un lugar para que las personas que viven en el barrio, amistades y familiares se reúnan y descubran cómo abordar los problemas que enfrentan nuestras comunidades a través de la participación y la democracia. Los políticos y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro no han resuelto el desempleo, el acoso policial y la renta alta. Las juntas comunitarias lo intentan a veces, pero la verdad es que no tienen el poder real de tomar decisiones y muchas de ellas a menudo son aprobadas por miembros del consejo local.

La Asamblea Popular de Queens, por otro lado, es independiente de los políticos y las instituciones. Es una estructura de participación organizada por la comunidad con el poder suficiente para afectar el cambio en nuestro barrio. No hay grandes organizaciones sin fines de lucro ni políticos, solo personas de la comunidad que luchan para su barrio y por una ciudad más justa.

La Asamblea Popular de Queens pretende ser un proyecto en marcha, que ocurre una vez por temporada (otoño, invierno, primavera, verano). Será un lugar donde las personas de la comunidad y los grupos se reunirán, formarán alianzas, desarrollán proyectos y fortalecerán lazos. La Asamblea Popular de Queens no busca controlar ni dirigir la actividad de las personas que participantes, sino que ofrece un espacio para nuevas conexiones, para escuchar comentarios sobre proyectos y avanzar en nuestros objetivos colectivos.

Al crear una Asamblea nuestro objetivo es ofrecernos a nosotrxs y a nuestra vecindad una oportunidad constante para desarrollar colectivamente un proyecto para nuestro barrio, mostrar transparencia, aprender lo que se necesita para lograr y, finalmente, construir un poder independiente de los políticos.

Somos anti-capitalistas, nos oponemos a la policía y a la migra (ICE), y rechazamos trabajar con políticos dentro de la Asamblea Popular de Queens. Únete y participa necesitamos todas nuestras manos y todas nuestras voces.

Queens Popular Assembly / Asamblea Popular de Queens