Join the Queens Popular Assembly

Queens Anti-Gentrification Project, along with other groups and individuals, have began the process of building a seasonal Popular Assembly in Queens.

Check out our Popular Assembly page for more information.

Stop the BQX, Sunnyside Yards, and LIC Core Rezoning

We are at a crucial moment in the development of this city. Currently there are three proposals being considered that will forever transform the landscape of Western Queens, and send a ripple effect throughout the borough that will even be felt in Flushing, at the opposite end of the 7 train:

  • The BQX will run a luxury streetcar along the waterfront of Astoria and Long Island City all the way to Sunset Park, Brooklyn. One purpose of the streetcar is explicitly to increase land value.
  • The development of Sunnyside Yards will essentially create a new neighborhood in Queens, consisting of 24,000 additional housing units, the vast majority of which will be completely unaffordable to current working class residents of Queens.
  • The rezoning of Long Island City will open the doorway to even more luxury real estate development, the effects of which(higher property values & rents) will spread eastward.

Any of these proposals alone would result in massive displacement and gentrification Queens. Together, they represent nothing less than an all-out assault on our neighborhoods. Please sign our petition here.

Say NO to the Woodside BID

The formation of a BID (Business Improvement District) is being planned for Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside.  A BID is an organization run by property owners that aims to attract high end development and increase commercial rents to increase profits.  Small businesses will be forced to close in favor of big chains.  Our diverse immigrant community will lose access to vital products and services.  Police harassment will increase and our beloved street vendors will be forced out.  We will lose access to our public spaces.  Join us as we engage with the Woodside community and small business owners in order to prevent the Woodside BID.


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