Statement from Fuck Off Amazon

Join us Sunday, 6pm at the LIC Waterfront for a Send-Off Rally for Amazon. RSVP here.

Statement on Amazon cancelling their HQ2 plans for LIC

The Amazon deal was just one apex of a long and violent process of planned corporate and techno-financial development, working class displacement, racial violence, and corrupt, real estate driven rezoning that has had disastrous effects on our neighborhoods for decades.

HQ2 was proposed to be built across the street from Queensbridge, the biggest public housing complex in the Western Hemisphere, run by NYCHA. Many buildings run by NYCHA have been without heat, without working elevators, and facing general conditions of non-livability for years. Politicians are slowly moving to privatize NYCHA, handing the desperately necessary maintenance of affordable housing from an underfunded and understaffed program to the very developers who inflate rent prices in NYC.

Apart from being one of the world’s biggest collectors of data (given their cloud platform), Amazon has deep ties to the American military (currently bidding on a 10 billion contract) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (providing facial recognition tech, running algorithms which target persons of color). Moreover, Amazon is known worldwide for low paying wages, precarious working conditions and anti-labor policies.

New York is home to over 8 million people and hosts some of the strongest economic engines in the world. Amazon was not about 20-40,000 jobs, but rather a developer class ruling our cities, demanding constant expansion at the cost of the very things that have kept our cities great – people, communities and livelihoods. It won’t end with Amazon and it won’t end unless we fight back.

Now is the time to celebrate, but it is also the time to stay organized, build off this momentum, and move to the offensive! We have to continue our work in New York City by opposing tech capitalism in its entirety; working to end the restructuring of our neighborhoods by state and corporate developers; lending our energy to Amazon employees and other workers across the city; and supporting nationwide and global struggles for freedom. Lastly – Amazon has stated they intend to slowly increase their presence in NYC – let’s let them know we’ll be giving them hell!


Visit Fuck Off Amazon for updates.

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