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Help fund the fight against AmazonHQ2.

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As many of you know, residents of Queens and across the city have been mobilizing to fight back against AmazonHQ2. Community meetings, protests, and direct actions are taking place. We’ve also seen the formation of multiple coalitions. The politicians want us to think the its a done deal, but many are saying there’s still a long fight ahead.

Protestors with Fuck Off Amazon outside BIll de Blasio's town-hall at CUNY Hunter
Protestors with Fuck Off Amazon outside BIll de Blasio’s town-hall at CUNY Hunter College calling to “shut it down”, in opposition to the CUNY Board of Trustee’s endorsement of AmazonHQ2, de Blasio’s positions, and in solidarity with CUNY Struggle’s demand for 7k for adjunct courses or strike #7korstrike

Together we can do this, but a lot stands in the way. Connect with us to help organize and please donate what you can.

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