David Eisenbach is no different from any other sellout politician.

David Eisenbach

Earlier today Queens Anti-Gentrification Project posted on Facebook questioning why David Eisenbach thinks he deserves the title of “public advocate”. In it we speak to his narrow and inadequate vision for NYC residents, and question his alleged independence from the current political establishment. You can check out the post and video here. We’ve seen this individual appearing at events over the past year and promoting himself, and want to let people know – this caricature of a politician has been seen before, and we know how the story goes.

To quote our post: “Every election season a fresh round of politicians appear, saying they’ll “take on city hall”, showing up at activist rallies, and making promises they don’t plan on keeping. Every election season a portion of grassroots groups, non profits, and well intentioned individuals give their support to these candidates hoping that they’ll follow through and fight for them once in office. Then, after the votes are cast, and the politicians settle into their new role, the patronage requests start coming in, and the higher-ups who helped get them there in the first place start calling in their debts, a new reality sets in. This is unfortunately how it usually works. In the case of David Eisenbach, however, all signs point to him having already completely sold out, without even being on a ballot. Queens Anti-Gentrification Project wants SBJSA to pass, but Eisenbach will not be its champion – not when he is aligned with Corey Johnson and other special interests. More importantly, however, what the people really need goes far beyond the narrow vision Eisenbach has opportunistically presented: we want reparations for NYCHA residents who have been dealing with health issues due to lead, mold and other environmental issues, an end to Bill de Blasio’s “affordable housing” rezoning program (MIH/ZQA), and an end to NYPD and ICE’s harassment and violence against Black and Brown residents in NYC. On these questions, Eisenbach is either completely silent or woefully inadequate and, therefore, does not deserve the title of “public advocate”.

Listen to Eisenbach in his own words, saying that campaign slogans are just meant for the campaign trail and not really what happens once they get in office. Is this really a guy we can trust?”

David Eisenbach
David Eisenbach on Fox News saying what politicians say on the campaign trail is not what they do when they get in office.

2 thoughts on “David Eisenbach is no different from any other sellout politician.

    1. Of course, we hope it was helpful. There are many more reasons why we are opposed to David Eisenbach. On our Facebook page he admits to having talks with Corey Johnson, and approving of Cory Johnson’s job re: the SBJSA. We find this disturbing because Corey Johnson appointed Gjonaj as head of the committee in charge of the SBJSA, but Eisenbach downplays this appointment saying something like “what does it matter if the bill gets passed?”. We disagree because we know the committee plays a role in crafting the bill and we have seen various politicians making moves to water it down. David Eisenbach is silent on this, and even pretends it isn’t happening. Basically, we see David Eisenbch on the one hand pretending to fight for the SBJSA, but, on the other hand, trying to get on Cory Johnson’s good side and indicating that he is ready to throw SBJSA activists under the bus at the first opportunity. On top of all this, Eisenbach has been silent about lead poisoning in NYCHA, one of the biggest controversies of the current administration, showing that (1) he isn’t following it, (2) he doesn’t care, or (3) he’s too compromised to say anything or do anything. Considering how many people live in NYCHA, we find this very troubling. We have seen many politicians like this, Eisenbach is no different, and would certainly not be an advocate for all New Yorkers.


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