URGENT UPDATE: Solidarity With Louis Flores!


Background Info On Louis’ Case


Louis’s Landlord is Rosalind Spodek, the widow of Leonard “Dracula Landlord” Spodek. Louis’s Landlord still does business with Herbert Donner, Dracula Landlord’s former business partner. Together, they run ADI Management, which has been the target of an unrelated Federal civil rights complaint, and they manage apartment buildings that have been in the news over allegations of violations that have caused at least one death.All across New York City, Housing Court is exploited as a tool that Landlords use to cause displacement of long-term tenants. Join us, as we stand together against unscrupulous Landlords

Louis’s Landlord began the nonpayment case after the Landlord refused to cash one month’s rent check and before Louis paid the next month’s rent. Refusing to cash rent checks as a pretense to sue tenants is against the law, but no regulator holds unscrupulous Landlords accountable for such violating tenants’ civil rights. The Landlord now wants to collect legal fees from Louis after the Landlord was responsible for prolonging the Court case by denying Louis key documents he needed, included a copy of his renewal Lease. At this court hearing, the judge will decide whether Louis will be made to pay legal fees to the Landlord’s attorney, even though they played a role in dragging out this Housing Court case. The Landlord is demanding over $5,000 in legal fees. This is so unfair.

Because the Landlord commenced the rent collection petition based on a false pretense, for other legal misconduct (like never serving the Rent Demand as required by law), and for never having made repairs that were revealed in Court filings, the Landlord should not collect any legal fees.

The judge, who will hear the motion on Tuesday, is Queens Housing Court Supervising Judge John Lansden. Judge Lansden has been described as “pro-Landlord.” By joining us on Tuesday, you can bear witness to way that Judge Lansden runs his courtroom. We need to make sure that Judge Lansden does not get another term as a Housing Court judge. Louis has blogged about his Housing Court case, and you can read more about how Judge Lansden has acted to benefit the Landlord : https://beforeitsgone.co/stories/PYHRYz.

We have to build up a network to support all Queens residents, who get dragged into Queens Housing Court by unscrupulous Landlords.

One thought on “URGENT UPDATE: Solidarity With Louis Flores!

  1. I know first-hand of this Judge Louis Flores, did you make a report with the Commission on Judicial Conduct?This Judge is arbitrary, and he went from Kings County to Queens so there is no hope for an Appeal of Fair Trial. He just Evicted a woman that moved out over a year ago, he is allowing an Eviction where the Petitioner’s did not appear but some guy did and the guy claims to be owner but has no proof and we already know from the first case that was Dismissed this guy has no COO, no proof of ownership and the address of the premises doesn’t even exist. I’ve seen numerous complaints about him, including Identity Theft which is basically what he did to the woman who moved out over a year ago. She has no idea there was a Petition filed against her. Never sign a Stipulation, the people at the court lie they just want to get rid of the cases and I heard them telling Tenants to sign a Stipulation or else they risk going before a judge and getting Evicted within five days. They lie and tell them if they need more time they can come back and file an Order to Show Cause and ask for more time, that’s a lie after the tenant signs a Stipulated Settlement that’s it. This court duped us also another time which has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in hotels. They duped us into settling with a corrupt landlord which we ended up with an Eviction which nobody will rent to you, plus it ruins your credit and everything. This courthouse needs to be shutdown. The corruption is beyond repair. You should start a Petition. This judge does shut you down and if your a pre se litigant how can you represent your case? He also can’t testify as to what HRA will and will not pay, what your landlord did is called a Constructive Eviction, if he accepted your rent he accepted it and if he didn’t cash it that’s his problem all you had to show is that you paid it. One or two late rent payments does not warrant an Eviction. What was the outcome for you? Please start a Petition!

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